MetricsDAO Update Nov 9, 2021: The Journey Ahead

Here’s the latest on MetricsDAO and what’s coming….

Genesis & Core [Genesis+]

MetricsDAO was launched with a group of Genesis Members including

@danner.eth (Flipside) - @drethereum (Rabbit hole)- @andrew.i (Mirror)

- @jdcook (Indexcoop) - @sui414 (0x) - @MSilb7 (Unaffiliated - big news coming!)

@undefinedza, (Graph, Consensys) - @Sunslinger.ust (Flipside)

We are nearing 1,000 members in the Discord - analytical minds are uniting!

There are countless activities and experiments under way and the efforts are quickly swamping the smaller Genesis team. We are now activating the next level of Core Members (Genesis+) to take over operational and functional aspects of MetricsDAO development.

Genesis+ members will be crucial to the long term viability of MetricsDAO, and we are seeking individuals who have specific skills sets to offer and are willing to spend some time developing a DAO that can have long-term value and purpose.

If you’re interested in joining Genesis+, please reach out to any Genesis member (in MetricsDAO discord or otherwise…)

Experiment #1: OlympusDAO Question Bank

On Fri, November 5th, Analytics Bounty Experiment #1 was launched. This Experiment is a small slice of activity required for organized on-demand analytics: the sourcing and prioritization of analytics needs.

Gathering questions and framing them to enable best outcomes is more complex than it would seem - many protocols and DAOs still seek to understand what exactly the community would like to evaluate and many analytical minds require a roadmap to produce the best possible outcomes.

To date, 38 questions have been collected. At the end of this experiment, a series of questions will be finalized for ultimate production.

You can review and activate on this experiment here and receive a POAP in return for participation [also more info in MetricsDAO discord]

Blockchain Partner #1: Harmony

Harmony approached MetricsDAO to begin to organize key metrics for their blockchain. This week a group of community members will embark on data interrogation, readying their data for analytics purposes.

Once the data is prepared for analytics, a series of activities can be activated, including development of early analytical outcomes (ie: (client side wallet metrics, smart contracts metrics, NFTs, DEX growth) as well as the sourcing of other analytical needs, structuring requirements for development and allowing for execution on any data platform.

If you’re interested in joining this group, please reach out to @Sunslinger.ust in MetricsDAO Discord.

Governance Processes

The first elements of MetricsDAO governance will be rolling out later this week. Members of Genesis have spent a significant amount of time active in governance processes as both contributors and proposers. Reflection would lead us to the statement that governance processes in many ways are still forming, and often are rife with complexities that slow progress. Our recommendation for Governance will aim to enable simplicity while maximizing outcomes.

A number of options have been presented and evaluated and the Genesis Group will make a recommendation to the broader community shortly.

Lite / Beige Paper

The purpose of MetricsDAO is to Unite Analytical Minds in order to enable outcomes for blockchains. In order to do that, an organized and functional approach to analytic production is required. Flipside Crypto will be contributing its process IP to stand up a best in class approach (last week Flipside processed 1000 bounties alone); an approach that will allow all data providers to be utilized for analytical outcomes.

A Lite / Beige Paper documenting the processes, and how they may be activated through a functioning motivation and value-creation system is being finalized alongside MetricsDAO Genesis members - this will be delivered to the broader community in the short term.

If you’d like to get involved in MetricsDAO, please join our discord, and follow our Twitter here.

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