Experiment #5: Generating copious questions for the Convex Pod

Goal: To generate a high volume of diverse and interesting questions for the Convex Pod

Set Up

MetricsDAO provides a 6 step process for ​​Organized, On-Demand Analytics Delivery, or as we like to call it, OODAD.

We ran a workshop that we announced on Twitter and the MetricsDAO Discord server and chose a moderator to facilitate the session.

The session itself had a twenty-minute brainstorming session. Participants could submit as many questions as possible. They could come with questions prepared or make them up on the spot.

After the brainstorming session, there was a short period for grouping questions and seeing if some themes emerged.

Why did we do it that way?

  1. We didn’t generate enough questions with the question collection tool and wanted to try something different.
  2. Participants could just show up without any prerequisites, and we wanted to see what themes were emerging.


We generated more than 50 questions. While there was some similarity, more than enough for the program emerged.

We were happy with the results, and it was a lot of fun!

What will we do better next time?

We want to allocate more time to share and discuss at the end of the session.

Our workshop template was a completely blank slate. We want to insert some seed topics or themes in the future. For Convex, it could have been Curve wars or tokenomics.

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