MetricsDAO <3 Harmony
March 15th, 2022

Giv Parvaneh, Senior Blockchain Engineer at Harmony, was kind enough to answer some of our questions. MetricsDAO is currently completing the second grant for Harmony and creating a dashboard with metrics that the Harmony community was excited about.

Q. You’ve given two grants to MetricsDAO. Were you satisfied with the results overall?
A. Absolutely! MetricsDAO has been a pleasure to work with. We were already impressed with the team and the quality of output so a further collaboration was a no-brainer. The Harmony community now has access to extremely valuable insights to understand critical metrics.

Q. What business needs do you support with these insights? Do you use them to identify long-term opportunities or are these insights helping you to hone in on current challenges?
A. These insights are mostly for the community to understand the growth and trajectory of the ecosystem. Having visibility to basic metrics such as the velocity of transactions and the number of active wallets is key to understanding the growth of the ecosystem. We also use these metrics to better prepare our infrastructure for scalability.

Q. What was the most valuable aspect of the collaboration?
A. The most valuable aspect was having access to MetricsDAO's passionate community. There are some seriously talented data analysts in this community that took some very broad and high-level requirements from us and just ran with it with very little hand-holding. They know what they are doing and the results speak for themselves.

Q. Why did you choose to work with MetricsDAO instead of hiring freelance analysts or building in-house capacity?
A. Harmony strives to become totally decentralized and 100% community-owned as quickly as possible. As such, it is important to align with organizations that think as we do. If we are to build features and key building blocks for the ecosystem, we have to ensure the community has complete ownership of it and that's why there is such great synergy with MetricsDAO.

Q. Grants vs Payments - From a business perspective, is it easier or more difficult to work with DAOs vs regular companies? What are the legal or tax implications?
A. This might be more subjective, but in many ways, DAOs are easier to work with. For starters, there's less red tape. DAOs are decentralized by nature and lack complex hierarchies you might expect from a regular company. As such, decisions can happen much quicker through a snapshot election. There's no need to travel up a complex chain of departments to get sign-off for an initiative. Additionally, DAOs typically have a specific focus and mandates which means you can quickly assess areas of alignment. Legal and tax implications are harder but there are several initiatives that are currently tackling this area from both the private and public sectors.

Q. Going forward, what would the ideal long-term collaboration with MetricsDAO look like from your perspective? What if a magic genie would fulfill all your wishes there, what would that look like?
A. The ideal long-term collaboration would involve a tight symbiotic relationship between the Harmony and MetricsDAO communities. With all the building blocks in place, I'm hoping the Harmony community, including all the projects and DAOs, can work directly with MetricsDAO to extract meaningful insights from the Harmony blockchain. In other words, without the involvement of me or the core Harmony team. This is truly the ethos of a decentralized network and I'm excited to see how the two communities work together.

Thank you for the insightful answers and let’s continue to build together!

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